Want to become popular on YouTube?

Five tips for achievement on YouTube.

Хочеш стати популярним на YouTube?

People are so lazy that reading books and articles on the web prefer watching videos. If you know how to shoot a proper video and know the secrets of popularity on YouTube, the success and good earning is guaranteed!

So now you get five practical tips for gaining popularity on YouTube, informs Rus.Media.

1. Three categories of commercials that you always liked and will like the visitors of YouTube is kids, different jokes and kittens. But if blind this video together (e.g., kitten licking the hand of a rosy-cheeked baby), thousands of views in the first days, guaranteed!

2. Determine your audience (target audience). For example, if you would like to tell the world what you are doing great, create video lessons, recommendations on a certain topic. Diversity, simplicity and accessibility are three of your kit!

3. Popular and news content. If your video is eventfulness, it’s very good!

4. Well, if you can talk about anything, but very artfully, as does, for example, Roma Acorn or Max 100 500, you can also be successful among teenagers.

5. Actively promote yourself in social networks. Your videos should be shared with thousands of people below them have looked at least a hundred.

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