Named the most useful properties of beet

Названы самые полезные свойства свеклы

If you have not yet started to actively absorb beets, it’s time to do it. This vegetable has a phenomenal set of useful nutritional properties, and especially he helps victims of hypertension, writes the with reference on healthinfo.

If you make a list of healthy vegetables, beets will definitely take it in the first place. It’s Packed with natural nitrates, which dilate blood vessels. And it lowers blood pressure and helps to transfer the oxygen-rich blood to the brain and muscles. Beets are perfect for people practicing regular physical activity. British researchers found that beet juice relieves muscle soreness associated with hard training. Another study demonstrated that the juice increases cardiovascular efficiency. For example, players who use concentrated beet juice, run faster, while maintaining a stable heart rhythm.

Plus, red beet hides another powerful property. This color is due to the influence of the pigment betaine, which is an important antioxidant. The main function of antioxidants battle free radicals and decrease inflammation. It inflammation associated with numerous chronic illnesses, including cardiovascular disease and even tumors.

If all of these arguments, you still is not enough, recall that beets are full of potassium, fiber and occurring food folate, which help us to protect the brain. Drink a mug of beet juice several hours before starting exercise. If you don’t practice the workouts, include at least a few servings of beets to your weekly diet to achieve the desired effect.

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