Microsoft is preparing to release three new devices

Microsoft готовит к выпуску три новых устройства

The appearance of Andromeda is expected in 2018,the Company Microsoft may soon announce the appearance of three new devices in the internal documentation, the software giant identified as Libra, Andromeda, and Carmel, writes the with reference to Internetua

One of the editors of the authoritative portal, brad Samsa, fell into the hands of the company’s internal documents of Microsoft, in which he found some information about future updates.

According to Samsa, the Surface Libra will be a budget version of the Surface Pro tablet, which will cost around 400-500$ and should appear this year.

Information about the new Surface Pro 6 (Carmel) is very small, given the time that is unknown even approximate release date of this device. And if you take into account the fact that recently appeared in the sale of Surface Pro 2017 LTE, the advent of the Carmel should not be expected. At the moment we know only that the device is on the development.

The appearance of Andromeda is expected in 2018, and the rumors about her appearance have so much to talk about them again and again, just makes no sense. The company firmly believe that the Andromeda device will become the “computer in your pocket” which will help users get a convenient and flexible user experience.

And it would be very good if not one big but. The documents studied brad Sams was established during the work of Terry Myerson, who has already left his post. Therefore, the strategy of the company can appear significant changes, which may affect the release dates of new devices.

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