In Kharkiv three dozen houses collapse in front of the residents. Video

На Харьковщине три десятка домов рушатся на глазах жильцов. Видео

In the village in the Kharkiv region are crumbling from 30 houses Lyudmila returned from the country to check their pots, writes the with reference on the Main

And this is no joke, she sighs. The fact is that if it starts raining – no iron helpers here all sail, says the pensioner:

“So these pots and are inviolable. Take them out, water drained, at night I Wake up from the fact that the ceiling is falling, the fact that a stream flows through the wall of water. Coming from the first floor and say, “What happened to you there”. I said, “It’s not us – it happened with the roof.”

However, not only in this house, such a nuisance. Thirty houses in new Korotych literally disintegrate in his eyes, the locals say.

So Nina’s got a crack in the wall, through it in the winter, the neighbors passed each other things to not get out of the house. However, the ceiling in her apartment leaves much to be desired.

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