Folk omens on June 15 – the green creeper, day of Nicephorus and why girls made wreaths of the vine

It is known that on this day the girls wove wreaths on happiness made them out of birch.

Народні прикмети на 15 червня – В&#039юн зелений, день Никифора і навіщо дівчата робили вінки з в&#039юнка

In addition, it was common tradition to decorate houses with branches of birch trees. The holiday Vunet was to involve a large number of rituals that did not survive until our time and not used. However, it is known that on June 15 the peasants gathered on the outskirts of noisy companies, and then begins to walk the streets all a friendly crowd and sing songs dedicated to couples who got married this year. Adults June 15, were treated to wine and children with candies or give them little money. In the evening the young people gathered to play games, communicate with each other. Girls wove wreaths of the vine and danced. The lads were fighting with each other and competed in force and dexterity. Told what to do, wreaths of convolvulus – so, on signs, weave their future with good thoughts. On the table June 15 stood freshly baked loaf, which was the personification of the sun, wealth and prosperity. Name day on this day we celebrate Mary, Dimitri, Ilya, Konstantin, Ivan, informs Rus.Media.

In the Orthodox Church 15 Jun revered the memory of St. Nicephorus, Patriarch and Confessor of Constantinople. Decided to Spud early potatoes. Also the month of June was known as the time of the invasion of plants are very dangerous pest is powdery mildew. And today, in mid-June, summer residents and gardeners the plants are sprayed a 1% solution of superphosphate in order to save the harvest. 15 Jun analyze natural phenomena and trying to predict the weather for the coming days and months.

Folk omens on June 15

  1. Sparrows fighting and acting up, you’ll have good weather soon
  2. The morning of 15 June the sun is like in the small fog – so the weather will be nice and warm.
  3. Rain – a sign of what will be a good crop of hemp and flax
  4. Wind 15 Jun overcast in the near future will be cold.
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