Find out how the habit of drinking coffee prevents you to lose weight

Unbelievable, but coffee is the reason that you can’t lose weight.

Дізнайтесь як звичка пити каву заважає вам схуднути

Scientists say that drinking coffee interferes with the body’s natural ability to burn fat. People used to drink coffee in the morning and throughout the day. Abuse of coffee is addictive, so if you don’t drink coffee, you will feel a loss of energy. In addition, when you consume coffee, you usually add sugar, cream, sour cream – and it’s all extra calories.

Also, studies have shown that coffee contains antioxidant – chlorogenic acid which increases the amount of insulin and the sensitivity to glucose that causes the body to gain weight, even if you are on diet, exercise and counting calories. In addition, coffee raises levels of stress, so the fat will delay in the places where its most difficult to get rid of.

Adverse effects from excessive use of coffee:

  • Cellulite

Coffee causes cellulite. Caffeine causes deggres in the body and makes the body retain fluid what is the cause of cellulite, informs Rus.Media.

  • Addictive

If you are used to drinking coffee and not drinking time, you may have headaches, lack of energy.

  • Insomnia

If you drink coffee at night time or before bed, you are guaranteed lost the desire to sleep.

  • High pressure

Caffeine increases the blood pressure, but this is a temporary phenomenon. But if you regularly consume coffee, then you may have hypertension.

  • Osteoporosis

More than 3 cups of coffee a day causes brittle bones.

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