Finally learned the cause of autoimmune diseases! Here’s how to deal with it

Blame bacteria.

Нарешті дізналися причину аутоімунних захворювань! Ось як з цим боротися

In recent years, cases of autoimmune diseases. They develop imperceptibly and you need to make great efforts to identify them and to understand what stage of development they have reached. Many people go to the doctors and hospitals before getting a diagnosis, informs Rus.Media.

Said one patient: “I got sick the way Hemingway said about bankruptcy: “at First gradually, and then in one moment”.

However, there is good reason for positive sentiment. A team of researchers from Yale University may have found the root cause of autoimmune diseases, and also found the promising methods of treatment.

The article, published in the journal “Science” that links autoimmunity with intestinal bacteria called Enterococcus, gallinarum. The article States that an autoimmune reaction causes the spontaneous movement of bacteria from the intestine to other organs such as the spleen, liver and lymph nodes.

Autoimmune disease – a chronic inflammatory condition caused by its own immune cells that mistakenly believe that the body is under threat. They respond to this “threat” and attack healthy tissue.

Lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is just three of over one hundred different illnesses that fall into this category of diseases. Now you can add them to the long list of diseases associated with gut health.

During the study, researchers conducted genetic modification of mice and made them susceptible to autoimmune diseases. Then they analyzed the bacteria in the intestines of rodents.

Scientists wanted to detect those germs that caused the inflammation, or participated in the production of antibodies, which triggered the autoimmune response. The culprits were bacteria Enterococcus gallinarum.

The results were confirmed when the researchers compared the cells of healthy people and people with autoimmune diseases. They found traces of enterococci gallinarum in the liver of people from the last group.

It is noteworthy that the scientists not only identified the source of the disease– they also developed effective ways of reducing the symptoms of autoimmune diseases. The researchers used antibiotics or vaccine to numb the symptoms of these diseases and to suppress the growth of bacteria Enterococcus gallinarum.

We hope that this study will contribute to the successful treatment of certain autoimmune diseases, including liver disease and systemic lupus.

“The vaccine against Enterococcus gallinarum of special treatment. We’ve experienced the vaccination and other bacteria, but they were unable to prevent mortality and development of autoimmune diseases,” explained senior study author Martin kriegel.

“The vaccine was administered to patients by intramuscular injection to cure not touch other intestinal bacteria. Treatment with antibiotics and other methods, such as vaccination, is a great way to improve the lives of patients with autoimmune diseases.”

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