Drunken Russians staged a riot in the plane

Пьяные россияне устроили дебош в самолете

Fights in airplanes have become the national pastime of the Russians.

Despite the threats of the state Duma prohibit Russians alcohol from Duty Free, they still manage to get drunk before departure and arrange a drunken brawl. So, three citizens of Russia Thursday, June 14, staged a drunken brawl in the plane, EN route from Moscow to Yerevan, reports the Chronicle.info with reference for Today.

“From the Yerevan international airport “Zvartnots”, the police received a call saying that the plane, EN route from Moscow to Yerevan, there is a fight. After the plane landed, the police found out that three passengers – citizens of Russia – drunk fought with each other”, – stated in the message.

The fighters were delivered in linear Department of police “Zvartnots”. As it turned out that one of the participants in the altercation received minor injuries, but law enforcement officers did not arrest the passengers.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that drunken Russians staged a brawl in the Paris airport. Two French guards were injured after the “dialogue” with Russian tourists, who flew from Paris to Rio de Janeiro.

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