Doctors told about the dangers of mouthwash

Врачи рассказали о вреде ополаскивателей для рта

Liquid for rinsing the oral cavity can cause in humans tooth decay and even diabetes.This statement was made by a British dentist from the Fresh Breath Centre in London under the direction of the lead dentist Phil Stemmer, writes the online edition of the with reference to

They did a study, which found that the chemical composition of liquids mouthwash neutralizes the effect of toothpaste.

With regular use of such mouthwashes that effectively nullify the protective effect of the pastes, the person will inevitably appear caries, explained Phil Stemmer.

The most effective means to protect the teeth from tooth decay are toothpaste, brush and floss. But the mouthwash should be abandoned – they are only for a time freshen the breath.

By the way, dentists from Harvard University in the US found a link between mouthwash and the emergence of human diabetes.

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