10 major mistakes when choosing shoes that it’s time to stop doing

10 mistakes when choosing shoes that make most people.

10 найголовніших помилок при виборі взуття, які пора припинити робити

It just seems that you choose shoes easily, and just saw your favorite pair, tried it on, and if fit well, then you can take. In fact due to such negligence then we RUB the legs ahead of time wearing shoes and generally not taking pleasure of wearing it, informs Rus.Media.

You don’t know the parameters of his foot

Perhaps when ordering shoes online, you had to make measurements of the foot. But most people have no idea what the length and width of the foot, and what her level of recovery. Because these indicators are individual and depend on many factors – age, weight, lifestyle, etc. it is Also no secret that the size of the left and right feet may differ. So, if you do not know the parameters of his foot, I advise them to measure.

You raznosti shoes

Rossoshany shoes – a relic of Soviet times. If you previously bought all that is-for lack of alternatives, now so treat your feet – just a crime!

You are not aware of their flat feet

Only in the most severe cases people turn to a podiatrist. But still there is a transverse and Posavina flat feet. On this basis, should pick up their shoes, so as not to injure the feet. So it is better to know about it in advance.

You trying on shoes without socks

Fortunately, many stores have been suggesting tracks or socks during the fitting of the Shoe, but not all of the showrooms can boast. But if you are careless about this, you can easily pick up a fungus or warts.

You wear shoes that it’s time to throw away

Probably each of us was in a situation when your favorite shoes already on its last breath, but to part with them you do not want. Show willpower and discard them. The fact that the sole of the Shoe becomes thinner, which is lost through depreciation and joints receive additional load. Be sure to wear shoes, especially sport, has not served you longer than necessary.

You are a long time to go without proper shoes

For example, obovate for a long walk pins. Of course, it’s beautiful, but the legs and the back, for that you not say thank you. Shoes with high heels increase the load on the forefoot, causing a lot of problems with joints and back. Be careful and take care of your health!

When buying athletic shoes, you focus only on appearance

This is a big mistake. Look at the shelves in sport shops: sneakers apart, depending on the purpose of wearing them. For running one for training other for your daily wearing – the third. It is important to consider the purpose of shoes as running shoes are designed for different purposes of utilization.

You buy shoes “for growth”

Shoes must tightly encircle the foot, otherwise when you walk you can draw cords. Leather shoes in this case and not retain the look. Better to buy a new pair in size.

You sacrifice health for the sake of imaginary beauty

Girls often buy shoes of such style is that it can only be nice to sit on. Remember that uncomfortable shoes becomes the cause of many diseases.

You do not indulge yourself by walking barefoot

It may sound strange, but at the first opportunity to indulge your feet by walking barefoot. Let your feet to breathe; and pebbles, sand and grass great massage and relax the feet!

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