What happens to patients who did not sign the Declaration with the doctors

Whom Ukraine will pay for the treatment and what is the “red” list?

Що чекає пацієнтів, які не підписали декларацію з лікарями

The state will pay health facilities for patients that have not signed the Declaration in primary care physicians. This was at the briefing said the Chairman of the National health service Oleg Petrenko, informs Rus.Media.

“The transition to the new funding model provides that no one will be left without payment. Medical facilities have the means not only those patients who signed the Declaration with the doctors, but also those who, while they have signed,” he said.

Petrenko added that the resolution on the implementation of state guarantees for primary care is “green” and “red” lists.

The green list consists of those who signed the Declaration, their costs will be calculated at the new rate of 370 UAH with age coefficients.

If the patient had not negotiated with the doctor’s Declaration, the health facility will receive RS 240 under the old tariff.

“But a total of any institution that enters into a Declaration with patients, will have the part that will be more than what they had in the 2nd quarter (this refers to the funding of the old system – Ed.)”, he added.

He noted that the amount of financing of medical institution depends on how many Picanto will sign with the doctors of the Declaration. However, regardless of whether the patients physically to go to the doctor, money for them will still be paid by the state.

Petrenko reminded that the family doctor may conclude 1800 declarations, pediatrician – 900, GP – 2000.

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