West Ukraine still flooded

The generous precipitation that began Wednesday and will last until June 15.

Західну Україну до сих пір заливає

– Waited for the farmers of rain – curses 69-the summer pensioner Vasily Stepanovich with the city. His street in a residential area flooded after a heavy downpour that lasted from Wednesday night until almost lunch on Thursday. – For bread, in the pharmacy – only in rubber boots, I begged a neighbor fisherman. Water is not going away. Always fixing something, digging, improve, and as soon as the rain flooded everything, informs Rus.Media.

In Lviv as a result of the downpour flooded the courts in the private sector and the basements of the houses, the streets, the same situation in the suburban villages in the region. Water from basements and yards rescuers pumped.

– We can assume that we were lucky, – says a resident of the village Olga zymna water. – Won in Transcarpathia people roof was hit by hail, saw it on the news. And the flood nothing will pump out. Now in the basement, nothing is stored, so that products are not lost. Light inconvenience we will survive.

More worried inhabitants of villages, spread out along the tributaries and rivers of the Dniester river and the Xiang. Forecasters warn that the end of the week the river can burst its banks.

Західну Україну до сих пір заливає

– The water level due to rainfall could rise by half a meter and a half compared to the last days, said at the Lviv regional center for Hydrometeorology.

If the water will come from the coast is pleasant enough. Flood the fields, planting, yards and homes in Western Ukraine has been repeatedly used, water had to be pumped not only from the cellars and from room.

– We have a boat, but to swim for it to work do not want, – say the villagers. – Field and works a pity, all weekend in the garden was carried out in the field is all planted, the harvest soon to collect…

Very bad will, if they do not just rain, but heavy rains in the mountains can go sit down and the flow of mud rainwater threatens to “please” the inhabitants of villages and towns located on the slopes.

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