Unique method of freezing dill in batches — use for many years!

The serving size is controlled by you.

Унікальний спосіб заморожування кропу порційно — користуюся вже багато років!

This method is convenient because you do not need to break off or to pick off from the General mass of frozen greens, just take a portion, cut away tied in a ponytail and all!

The serving size you are in control, informs Rus.Media.

For this we need food packages, cut out a lot of squares (size of approximately 10 by 10 cm).

Cooking greens — sort, remove thick stalks, leaving soft twigs, wash.

Spread on a clean towel, dry, then chop.

Blend the chopped dill in the middle of the squares, and press it slightly.

Then connect and zamatyvaem thread, better a strong “ten” and tie a knot.

Put all the “bombs” in plastic form and put into the freezer.

Winter, enjoy!

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