Trump – 72. How to celebrate presidents: who in the Royal castle, and who – lecture

How to celebrate the birthdays of presidents and Prime Ministers of other countries.

Трампу – 72. Як святкують президенти: хто в королівському замку, а хто – на лекцію

June 14 Donald Trump turned 72. On this occasion, he took the day off. The schedule of the President in the White house notes that public events on this day planned, informs Rus.Media.

Trump intends to celebrate a Birthday in the family, since she got the big – five children from different wives, and eight grandchildren. So gifts seems to be a lot. By the way, a kind of gift to the American President did in Norway. Deputies – members of the ruling “Party of progress” has put forward its nominee for the Nobel peace prize for resolving the Korean crisis.

Trump modest Obama

The birthday of the President-the billionaire will be much more modest than its predecessor. Its 50th anniversary in 2011, Barack Obama was celebrated for two days. One of the Nihon dedicated employees of the White house, arranging for them a picnic in the yard of the presidential residence.

The birthday August 4, Obama celebrated in his Chicago home, in the presence of two and a half thousand guests. Those who bought VIP tickets for the event at the price of 36 thousand dollars apiece, and gained access to the chamber night with the birthday boy.

Merkel entertained the guests lecturer

Chancellor was born on 17 July. Merkel austerity and restraint, compatriots dubbed the “Teflon Chancellor,” so her birthdays special celebration has never been. Fans of the scandals and luxury to profit usually does-in their birthday Merkel used to work. For example, his 56th birthday, the Chancellor said working trip to China, and in 55 years, spoke at the Congress of his party.

But sometimes even she makes some adjustments to the celebration. For example, on the 60th anniversary of Merkel in 2014 were made by the lecturer with one of the research topics. And at 50 she was invited researcher of the brain.

But last year, Merkel could not resist the onslaught of party members. “Christian democratic Union”, which she headed for many years, organized on the occasion of the 63 anniversary of the leader of a gala reception for 500 people.

Makron – the castle of king Francis I

The French President was born on the 21st of December, but last year Emmanuel macron celebrated its 40th anniversary about a week before. Celebrations were held usambara, the castle of king Francis I, which is located in the Loire valley. There were invited relatives of the spouses Macrons.

Built almost 500 years ago, a huge castle has 365 rooms and 5500 ha of the territory. There are several 4 star guest houses which you can rent for 800-1000 euros for the weekend. It also boasts Europe’s largest closed forest Park, which regularly hunt.

A celebratory dinner was held immediately after the castle was officially closed to visitors in the old house of the Forester. The Elysee Palace said that him and his wife paid out of their funds.

Later, Bridget and Emmanuel macron went to the largest European zoo Beauval, it is close by. There lives a Panda cub, for which the presidential couple France not so long ago became a guardian.

Macron in the past investment banker, who has repeatedly been accused that it helps the rich to increase their status. In particular, reform of the tax system of France has reduced the tax on wealth that has given rise to considerable criticism and the rapid fall in ratings of the President.

Theresa may was preparing for the conference

The Prime Minister of great Britain was born on the 1st of December. Theresa may, which in England is called the “lead lady”, in relation to their birthdays like Angela Merkel – no pomp and luxury.

On his 61st birthday in 2017, she recalled that she wants to make Britain a fair country, and has allocated $ 10 billion to help young families in the purchase of real estate.

And our 60th anniversary in 2016, may conducted like a real workaholic for the preparation for the annual party conference of the Conservative party which first gave a speech as head of the Torah and of the Cabinet of Ministers. No public events to mark the anniversary was not, he may have celebrated with my husband. Children she does not.

Poroshenko at the UN General Assembly

The Ukrainian President, who was born 26 September, the date is not bulging and notes exclusively in the family circle. For example, on the 50th anniversary of Poroshenko’s wife Marina gave him a” secret” box of children’s drawings. In 2017, 52 years, wife and children are recorded and posted on Facebook a video greeting to the President.

And its 51 th anniversary in 2016 Petro Poroshenko met in new York, where he participated in the opening ceremony of the 70th UN General Assembly.

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