Today, June 14, the President of the United States, Donald trump birthday

To what reached its 72nd anniversary Donald trump: a connoisseur bright women, Golf and music of Eminem.

Сьогодні 14 червня, президент США, Дональд Трамп відзначає День народження

As a rule, it is the holiday Donald trump recently said in a family circle. Last year it was organised by his wife Melania. Then she has sent letters to all the “faithful friends” of the US President asking for help to make this day truly memorable, informs Rus.Media.

“Today is my birthday. I want our country became great and prosperous,” wrote the tramp in her beloved Twitter.

But in his younger years, birthdays, the future American President, and then a simple American billionaire, was far less modest. The edition of the Washington Post says that your 42nd birthday trump celebrated with a space ship, light show and wizards. 50th birthday he got a chocolate cake decorated with figurines of all its skyscrapers, and the party was attended by four hundred guests. Well, in 2005, he blew out the candles on a nearly 5-meter cake in casino in Atlantic city in the company of Pamela Anderson.

Now all this does not – the status does not allow. Although, judging by the behavior of the current us President continues to be one of the most odious politicians.

The current President of the United States fully complied with the rule of this man: “to build a house, plant a tree and give birth to a son.”

The first steps in the construction business Donald made through participation in the project of his father. On government funding, they bought the apartment complex after the bankruptcy of the construction company, and it earned $ 6 million after the sale.

And the first to be known as businessman Donald trump received in 28 years, thanks to the project, at the hotel Commodore, which in 1974 was purchased and converted into a hotel known Hyatt. The following project was given the name of a businessman – a young tramp brought on one of the streets of new York, 68-storey tower Trump Tower. In 2001 in new York city appeared 90-story Trump World Tower.

The Declaration trump indicated that derives revenue from 565 companies and corporations, which means leader, head, President, or a member.

Three wives and five children, eight grandchildren

In parallel with the business Donald trump actively equip and personal life. His first wife in 1977 and became a Czechoslovak singer Ivanna Zelnickova. The couple had three children: Donald Jr., Eric and Ivanka.

In 1993 he married actress Marla maples, who gave birth to his daughter Tiffany. But the marriage did not last long — in 1999, he was terminated.

In 2005, Donald married the former model from Slovenia, Melani Knauss, who was 24 years younger than him. In this marriage the couple had a son Barron.

Now Donald trump eight grandchildren. Five of the eldest son of Donald trump Jr. and his wife Vanessa. And three from oldest daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner, who is also adviser to the us President.


Despite criticism from the American establishment, the press and world leaders, trump is popular with a large part of the US population. And there is a good reason. Quarrelling with partners and opponents, Donald trump simultaneously implements your campaign slogan “America first”. At the forefront of domestic and foreign policy he gave protection to both American companies and ordinary Americans.

So, he adopted a tax reform in which personal income tax has declined by 2-4, and for large businesses on 21-35%. Unemployment declined by 3 percent – trump has created many jobs for Americans from the so-called “rust belt” (industrial centers such as Detroit) that due to the transfer of production to Asia has lost its place. In the United States for the last year there were a million new jobs.

According to recent opinion polls, the confidence of Americans in the future peaked in the last 20 years.


The current President of the United States is an extraordinary personality, and he tries to hide it.

Trump admitted that for more than 30 years haven’t changed your hair. Bloggers found pictures of the mother trump and concluded that it copies her hairstyle right.

In 2011, trump boasted the new name the plane “the Boeing-757” for $ 100 million, which, incidentally, was the Golden toilet.

In 2013 the bus driver happened to see the girl who climbed over the railing of the bridge, determined to commit suicide. He stopped, talked her off that ledge and then forcibly taken to a safe place. Trump saw the video of the rescue on YouTube and decided to give the driver $ 10 thousand.

In 2014, Donald trump wrote in his Twitter that he sold all his Apple shares. According to him, the main reason for this decision is “stupid unwillingness of the company to produce phones with a large display.


Donald trump loves Golf. He is a member of the club Winged Foot Golf Club in Mamaroneck, new York, and regularly participates in competitions on their sites.

In 2011, he started to build “the greatest Golf club in the world” in Scotland, but ran into some problems. One of the locals refused to sell his house located near the club. Then the billionaire just built a fence around their home and sent the Scot a cheque for $ 4600 with a proposal to recover the costs.

And about the music. Trump prefers Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett and Elton John. Also a big fan of Eminem. Listens to reggae music to relax and relieve nervous tension.

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