These signs will help to identify brain cancer early

Эти признаки помогут распознать рак мозга на ранней стадии

The doctors called seven symptoms that cannot be ignored.

Brain cancer is a scary diagnosis, which put the women more often than men. Like any other type of cancer, brain tumor, detected early, easier treatable, according to the with reference to the news of Yu.

This means that we should carefully monitor their health and pay attention to the symptoms, which at first glance may seem quite harmless: it is the case when vigilance can save lives.

Very strong headaches

Severe headaches accompanied with nausea and especially vomiting is one of the most frequent symptoms accompanying brain tumor. It is especially important to see a doctor, if seizures migraines became more frequent, their duration longer.


The tumor cells can affect healthy parts of the brain, impeding the transmission of impulses – it can lead to seizures. Even a single attack – a reason as possible to go to the doctor.


If without any reason you feel nausea for several days or if it passes quickly, but regularly returns – you need to see a doctor. In the first place, nausea may indicate problems with other systems of the body, and, secondly, the constant nausea is one of the symptoms of the tumor.

Problems with vision

Blurred vision or narrowing, appearance of stains or dark spots before the eyes, blurred and fuzzy vision can be a symptom of a tumor. Sometimes a brain tumor is localized in a region located behind the eyes and can affect your vision – so at the slightest changes, consult a doctor. Oncologists also recommend annual checkups by an ophthalmologist is the probability that the doctor will notice changes before you.

Weakness and numbness

One of the most common symptoms of cancer include weakness and fatigue. But if we are talking about cancer of the brain, you should pay special attention to the weakness accompanied by numbness in any part of your body. Another alarming symptom is sudden loss of coordination and difficulty performing everyday operation – for example, dressing up.

Difficulties with the choice of words

Forgetfulness is normal, it can be caused by fatigue or stress. And if you can’t remember a simple word, do not be afraid. The reason for the alarm appears if your forgetfulness becomes a regular and habitual things you call unexpected names so often that relatives and friends pay attention to it. Need to see the doctor!

Mood swings

And sudden aggressiveness, is not peculiar to you earlier behavior, an abrupt change of tastes and habits is an important symptoms, which in any case cannot be ignored. Any damage to the brain causes personality changes and if you or someone close to you suddenly began to behave not like before – always consult your doctor.

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