The new girlfriend of brad pitt dumped him for a billionaire

Новая возлюбленная Брэда Питта бросила его ради миллиардера

Neri Oxman, with which attribute the novel to the brad pitt asked the actor for a billionaire.

For several days in a row, brad pitt and Angelina Jolie are the main newsmakers of foreign tabloids.

So, first of star couples who can’t divorce for two years, staged a public “sharing” of children.

Новая возлюбленная Брэда Питта бросила его ради миллиардера

Angelina Jolie with children

First, the pitt source has leaked information to journalists that the Supreme court of the County of Los Angeles resolved the issue regarding the custody of six kids Angelina Jolie and brad pitt. And now the actor will be able without restriction to communicate with children by telephone and observed alive without Jolie.

Later Angelina commented on the news, stating that the information is inaccurate. Now, the web rumors that pitt left his new fiancee.

Новая возлюбленная Брэда Питта бросила его ради миллиардера

Brad pitt and Angelina Jolie

Thus, it became known that Neri Oxman, for whom some months courting the actor broke the heart of actor that choosing another.

According to Page Six, the mit Professor Neri Oxman found a replacement in the face of 52-year-old American financier billionaire bill Ekman.

According to the information last weekend Neri has been seen with the billionaire in Paris. In addition, Oxman recently visited a tennis match with bill, and then went with him to the party.

As reported by the tabloids in his spare time, Williamson enjoys playing tennis. In one of the Amateur tournaments he participated in last weekend. According to the insider, Neri sat on the podium of the fans and after the game along with Ekman was seen at the party.

Новая возлюбленная Брэда Питта бросила его ради миллиардера

Neri Oxman

Note that in 2016 bill Williamson broke up with his wife. He has three children.

Earlier media reported that brad pitt started a new novel with the Israeli architect and Professor at mit Neri Oxman. Then close to the couple, the source claimed that “they are a real couple”. And what’s more, the insider is convinced that pitt has already moved to his new lover in Massachusetts.

News about the novel so shocked the angelina Jolie that she became hysterical, and the actress was hospitalized.

Watch the video, as Jolie and aniston met on the Golden globes:

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