The mission of NASA is under threat: on Mars raging powerful storm

On Mars a week raging dust storm.

Місія НАСА під загрозою: на Марсі вирує потужний шторм

Therefore, the mission of the Rover Opportunity has been jeopardized. The storm is so strong that even covers the Sun. So this complicates the possibility of obtaining light with solar panels that generate energy and charge the internal battery work, informs Rus.Media.

So NASA engineers expect the Rover will be able to weather the storm and resume when the dust settles. The storm caught engineers by surprise. He appeared on 3 June and now only increases.

If the battery voltage becomes too low, the Rover is unable to communicate with the engineers on Earth until the end of the storms, therefore NASA will not know the condition of the apparatus. If backup power runs out of the Rover, he can no longer move.

Such a storm can last for about a month, so it may happen that in the summer of 2018 mission Opportunity would end.

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