Take care of your beauty. Supermask from wrinkles

If you care about your beauty, you will certainly need to know about the benefits that are glycerin and vitamin E for the face.

Подбайте про свою красу. Супермаска від зморшок

These substances are vital for the skin. They have unique properties by which you can prolong your youth and get rid of many problems. What is the secret?

Подбайте про свою красу. Супермаска від зморшок

Glycerin and vitamin E for face can and should be used daily. Tocopherol (vitamin E) is the first antioxidant among the vitamins that gives the skin health and prevents age-related changes. This substance acts in the following way: it slows down the oxidation processes in tissues, improves nutrition, protects against UV radiation, informs Rus.Media.

Vitamin E is used as a main component in many cosmetics. It has the following properties: accelerates the regeneration, slows down aging, stimulates the production of estrogen. Leads to normal water – lipid balance. Removes puffiness. Cures acne. Removes spots, stretch marks, small scars.

Recipe of the mask.

Vitamin E to pierce and squeeze the bottle with glycerin (25 g ) – both fairly easy to find in the drugstore.

Apply on face, pre-clearing it.

After 40-60 minutes, wipe the face with a tissue but do not wash.

Go to sleep.

A week later the skin will recover and become velvety.

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