Specialist of Volkswagen said on unmanned cars

Специалист из Volkswagen поделился прогнозом по беспилотным авто

According to experts, in five years will begin mass use of drones.

Large-scale use of unmanned vehicles for commercial purposes in the world starts in 5 years, before that the companies will carry out some small pilot projects, to evaluate all aspects of the use of such vehicles in specific areas, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to Realist.

This is evidenced by the forecast of the Director of digital technologies Volkswagen AG Johann Jungwirth.

According to him, a leader in the commercial deployment of unmanned vehicles to the US — it will occur in 2020-2021.

“This will be followed by a China — [large-scale commercial use of unmanned auto] in the range 2022-2023.” — he said.

As for Europe, in particular Germany, Director of digital technology Volkswagen expects the active dissemination of commercial projects with use of unmanned car in 2023-2025. These projections assume that the legislative regulation in this sphere will be ready, he said.

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