Official statement by Angelina Jolie about child custody


Офіційна заява Анджеліни Джолі про опіку над дітьми

The most notorious divorce case of the last two Angelina Jolie and brad pitt – can not come to a logical conclusion using the issue of child custody. And their children, ex-spouses, six: three biological and three adopted. Recently, the court has made some amendments and sided with the 54-year-old actor, allowing him without the permission of Angelina to communicate with their children via mobile phone. Moreover, restricting their communication, 43-year-old actress runs the risk of losing primary custody of them, informs Rus.Media.

The official representative of the actress in the same day made an official statement to clarify the attitude of Jolie to the event, in particular, to an information leak from the courtroom. Because before Angelina and brad have agreed that their divorce process will be held behind closed doors. “From the very beginning Angelina was focused on health and children, for this reason, it is particularly important to conduct the last hearing in private.

It’s a shame that someone selfish reasons leaked to the press selective part of the minutes of the meeting, thereby creating a wrong picture,” – said in comments. I agree the actress with the court’s decision again or to appeal, the representative does not report, but I’d like to believe that the interests of children for both parties to divorce proceedings will be in the first place.

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