Natalia Kholodenko took part in spicy photo shoot

Наталья Холоденко поучаствовала в пикантной фотосессии

Psychologist and participant in the show Tancu z with stars 2017 Natalia Kholodenko has intrigued fans of juicy photos.

Natalia Kholodenko likes to spoil subscribers beautiful photos and surprise a slender figure. But sometimes, the psychologist prefers to hold the intrigue, and to pull the nerves of fans to redistribution.

Наталья Холоденко поучаствовала в пикантной фотосессии

Natalia Kholodenko

So, today, June 14, Kholodenko has published an unexpected photo which forced the followers to guess what conceived star.

On his official page in Instagram Natalia posted racy photos. In the picture she poses for the camera with a towel on his head and a shirt. The artist shows a sexy feet. However, in the frame Kholodenko captured no one.

Psychologist posing with the flamboyant Ukrainian music video Director and Director Elena Vinarsky.

In the caption to the photo, she was intrigued: “And we have done with Elena! Will see will blow your mind. Very soon on the pages of one of the most popular magazines of Ukraine. Ooh!”.

Based on the fact that Kholodenko poses in a very sexy outfit and with her unpredictable Winiarska, fans came to the conclusion that we can expect something really big and juicy.

A couple of hours of photos gathered almost 3 thousand likes and many favorable reviews. “Great! “Done” Always intriguing”, “Vinarska only does that do” “Wow!”, “Looking at the photo, and begins to play in my head “My sexy, sexy lady”, Intrigued, “but it’s possible to be blinded by such beauty, you are super!”, “Temptress!”, “Oh wow, intriguing. Wait! Very interesting”, “Two luxurious ladies,” the scattered followers in the compliments.

Наталья Холоденко поучаствовала в пикантной фотосессии

Natalia Kholodenko Elena Vinarskaia

Earlier, the TV star openly spoke to fans about their biggest phobias in life and admitted that he does in order to cope with it. Read more about fears and how to combat them, read in the material about Natalia Kholodenko.

On the eve of a media psychologist said that people who condemn others, you will never achieve success. And said that he lives by the principle: “achieve more, then you will be smart”. How she came to this idea and figured out, making it their credo, read further into the material.

Watch the video in which Natalia Kholodenko gave a lesson of indiscretion:

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