Museum named after me: Volochkova showed their “mansions”

Luxury and wealth are not persuaded followers Anastasia that she does good

Музей имени меня: Волочкова показала свои "хоромы"

Controversial Russian ballerina Anastasia Volochkova loves “subtly” hint at the luxury and richness in Instagram. The actress has repeatedly made fun of for this strange behavior, but it absolutely will not stop. So, today celebrity again tried to impress his apartment, but it went extremely bad.

Музей имени меня: Волочкова показала свои "хоромы"

“It’s perfect!” – as casually signed Volochkova, showing the bedroom, filled with photos, gifts and awards. Followers immediately criticized this “Museum”.

“Do the feet together”, “so Much pathos on the bedside table – ‘Museum of me’ and so all around the house – pictures of me in the form of Queens and kings, my photos, All dorogovato, Schaub is not like other people.”, “Anastasia, go to a good stylist, but it is not consistent with the interior.”, “” I! On the background of herself””. – indignant fans.

Музей имени меня: Волочкова показала свои "хоромы"

Earlier “Znayu” talked about not changing the acquired instincts Volochkova his foot between two pieces of furniture in the lobby.

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