Media: Stanislav Govorukhin was hospitalized in serious condition

СМИ: Станислава Говорухина госпитализировали в тяжелом состоянии

Russian actor, film Director and screenwriter Stanislav Govorukhin was taken to the hospital urgently.

Wednesday, June 13, it became known that of the artist was hospitalized at Moscow’s Central clinical hospital (TSKB) in critical condition. It is reported by Interfax , citing a source in medical circles.

“Stanislav was recently admitted in the hospital, his condition is extremely grave,” – said the Agency interlocutor.

СМИ: Станислава Говорухина госпитализировали в тяжелом состоянии

Stanislav Govorukhin

However, the veracity of this information, the journalists , the Interfax not sure, because the official confirmation has yet been received. At the same time, the press Secretary Govorukhin denied rumors about his death, which was spread by some Russian media.

“Stanislav living” – he admitted in an interview with reporters.

The first Deputy head of the Duma Committee on culture, directed by Vladimir Bortko also said that information about the death Govorukhin untrue.

“We talked to the doctor,” commented Bortko in connection with recent media publications.

СМИ: Станислава Говорухина госпитализировали в тяжелом состоянии

Stanislav Govorukhin

Note about why Stanislav Govorukhin was urgently taken to the hospital and what the doctors ‘ prognosis regarding the status of the artist, is still unknown. According to some information, the Director was hospitalized in a pre-stroke condition on the weekend, and after a while there was a deterioration. In the media suggest that the current administration slipped into a coma.


Stanislav Govorukhin, a Soviet and Russian actor, film Director, screenwriter, producer, politician and public figure. The Deputy of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation since 1993 from the party United Russia, Chairman of the State Duma Committee on culture. People’s artist of the Russian Federation (2006).

СМИ: Станислава Говорухина госпитализировали в тяжелом состоянии

Stanislav Govorukhin

Born March 29, 1936 in the village of Berezniki in Perm Krai, Russia. Mother single handedly raised and give higher education to him and his older sister Inessa.

Govorukhin studied at the Kazan state University named V. I. Ulyanova-Lenin, and a few years later he entered the directing Department of the all-Union state Institute of cinematography.

After graduation and prior to 1987 worked at the Odessa film Studio of feature films.

Earlier, the vocalist for freestyle Nina Kirso was urgently hospitalized.

Watch the video with Stanislav Govorukhin:

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