Media: Daria Astafieva pregnant with twins (Photo)

СМИ: Дария Астафьева беременна двойней (Фото)

Popular Ukrainian singer and former member of the group NikitA Dasha Astafieva provoked rumors of her pregnancy.

New publication stars on the official page in Instagram was the reason for the rumors about her interesting position. Astafieva has shared a photo, where you see quite a rounded tummy. She was dressed in a stylish summer dress and posing in the reflection of the camera.

“Congratulations!!!! We have cherry,” he said.

СМИ: Дария Астафьева беременна двойней (Фото)

Dasha Astafieva

In comments Dasha Astafyeva fans saw the hint that their idol will soon be a mom of twins.

Less than 10 hours after the publication of the scored more than 13 thousand “likes” from users of the Network. The review members are not sure whether it was just a joke or the singer is really in a interesting position. Many of them claim that a potbelly may not appear from the cherries, and the invoice are quite similar. And since Astafieva wrote about the cherries, according to fans, is an allusion to twins. They are sure that the model would be a great mom.

“Honestly can’t understand the most beautiful girl in the world pregnant or is it just a joke?”, “I Congratulate You! Wonderful and beautiful!”, “Cherry ate, that’s how it is”, “Is not visible…what’s a boy or a girl?”, “Why is everyone congratulations on the pregnancy? There simply cherry”, “do not be cherries, people! You look at her belly! This is how many pounds of the cherries you need to eat! My answer: impossible!!! I suppose that could be a slip of the abdomen, but looks a bit too natural. Therefore, Dashulka, congratulations!”, “Dora… I’d be happy if you were in position,” “Cherry – it means twins. You’re an awesome mom!” – thinking users.

СМИ: Дария Астафьева беременна двойней (Фото)

Dasha Astafieva

Dasha Astafieva has not commented on the rumors about her pregnancy. Despite the fact that the star often responds to his fans on social networks, the question of whether it is in an interesting position, a Ukrainian singer, or jokes, or just ignores.

What do you think, Astafiev pregnant? She will have a boy, girl or twins?

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See Astafyeva video for the song Drive me:

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