Leading “eagle and Tails” Nastya Ulva provoked rumors about the novel with LJ

Published a romantic photo.

Ведуча «Орла і Решки» Настя Івлєєва спровокувала чутки про роман з Элджеем

Nastya Ulva published in “Instagram” a photo op with rapper LJ (real name – Alexey Usenik) vacation. Shared by the 23-year-old hip-hop artist, caused a stir among his fans, informs Rus.Media.

Rapper LJ also put Vlog on the cover of his new single, “360”. About his relationship with the leading “eagle and Tails” Alex still says nothing, but his fans are sure that he had found her.

Some users resented the fact that Wlwa started Dating an artist, as she has long been credited with an affair with a colleague on the show “heads and Tails” Anton Ptushkin.

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