It’s true: every generation of people dumber and dumber! Here are the results of IQ tests

Here’s why…

Це правда: кожне нове покоління людей все тупіше і тупіше! Ось результати тестів на IQ

Norwegian scientists concluded that people with time “stupid”. Studies show that every 10 years the average IQ of the inhabitants of the planet falls by 1.23 points, informs Rus.Media.

Experts fear that this decline will soon turn a man into a developed monkey.

So, civilization accumulates more knowledge, but individual people are not getting smarter. According to some scientists, modern man is even inferior to a number of intellectual indicators of the CRO-magnons.

This is not surprising – today, the inhabitants of the Earth not have a daily struggle for survival. Because of this, the role of natural selection as the engine of evolution disappears.

The results of Norwegian scientists support this theory. They were asked to take an IQ test 730 thousand people who entered the military service in the years 1970-2009.

Analysis of the results showed that in one generation the level of intelligence falls in average by 7 points. Come to think of it. But that’s not all. The differences in the intellectual abilities, the researchers found members of the same family.

Why is this happening? One of the reasons scientists call the ecological situation, as well as the lifestyle of modern man.

The drop in the level of the mind is affected and the widespread computerization: instead of reading books, children playing video games.

Some scientists criticized the study – say, a sample of Norwegians is limited. The obtained results can not be applied relative to the entire population of the planet.

Unfortunately, this is the conclusion reached by British scientists. It turned out that the IQ test results fall between 2.5-4.3 points for every 10 years since the end of world war II.

Also in December last year, scientists from the USA found that adults who as a child ate a lot of fish tend to have higher IQ and better sleep. It is noteworthy that children in many countries in our time, eat very little fish.

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