In the river under the sand have died a thousand Chicks swallows

The company, extracting sand, ignored the request by environmentalists to delay the work.

У Дніпрі під піском померло тисячу пташенят ластівок

Calf young young swallows are scattered over a large pile of sand, and above them, circling their parents and the ravens are trying to profit easy prey – this picture appeared before the environmental DSI swamps in the river. Not the first year, OOO “Dataglance” is there work on the reclamation of sand, in some places sand hills reach a height of 4 meters. This was chosen by the swallows for arranging their nests and breed, informs Rus.Media.

– At us in area it’s the season for silence, and conducting any work in wetlands is prohibited. I asked the Director not to touch the Chicks and, if necessary, to take the sand elsewhere, and not where the birds nest, says ecologist Tatyana Lempicka. But my request was ignored, the pile is flattened, and beneath them literally buried a thousand small swallows.

У Дніпрі під піском померло тисячу пташенят ластівок

At the moment ecoinspection thinking about how to attract the company’s management to liability, forced to pay for each nestling 50 hryvnia. Environmentalists also want to require a revision to the project for the extraction of sand and achieve temporary cessation of any works in this area, which is part of the ecosystems of Dnipropetrovsk and has a status of national importance.

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