In South Africa burned 32 people to install the record. Video

В ЮАР подожгли 32 человека для установки рекорда. Видео

The stunt was performed by professional stuntmen.

32 people took part in setting a new record for the Guinness Book of records. This attempt was organized by Kevin Betterson, Grant Powell and Vernon Willems from the company’s Shift Special Effect Special Effects, specializing in the production of the extreme show, reports the with reference to Comments.

June 7, stunt men, consisting of 32 persons, among whom were girls, in a fenced area in the city of Cape town (South Africa) broke the previous record set in 2013, in Cleveland (Ohio, USA), when 21 people took part in extreme rally.

For this stunt were dressed in special fire-resistant suits. Fire suits and the gel was thoroughly tested before the start of the procession. Each of them was a man with a fire extinguisher.

The record was set in the open lot. Burning when 32 people were lined up, they quickly extinguished.

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