In Kyiv opens unique exhibition

В Киеве откроется уникальная выставка

The symbol of the project target.

June 19 in Kiev in the National Academy of arts will take place opening of the international art project “Qtargets the message of peace.”

This project, which implements a group of enthusiasts under the guidance of renowned painters Andrew and Hope Chornovil, unique in its nature as the basis for the creation of the paintings are not ordinary materials, and sport shooting targets.

The symbol of the project, the target is a black circle with numbers printed on paper, which is used as a training purpose in sports clubs and the military. The creators of “Qtargets the message of peace” take a look at the target not as a symbol of aggression and war, and as a target – a symbol of the achievement of any result. In particular the world.

In 2016, Andriy Chornovil wrote a series of paintings on the targets for shooting size 70×100 cm: “Insight”, “Your children”, “Not your war”, “Save and protect”, “the Golden key”. When the viewer looks at these paintings, you experience cognitive dissonance, which allows to switch his thoughts from the struggle, trouble, and the division into harmony, peace and unification. The work was shown in new York, Basel, London and Qatar.

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