How to prepare Mojito cocktail?

Surprisingly tasty, fresh, refreshing drink.

Як готується коктейль Мохіто?

Surprisingly tasty, fresh, refreshing drink of Mojito you can cook by yourself. How? Read on.., informs Rus.Media.

Drink a Mojito can be alcoholic or not alcoholic (children’s version). For the preparation of both options need a mint, lemon or lime, carbonated beverage (choice of “Sprite” or just a highly carbonated water, but with the “Sprite” delicious), ice cubes, sugar (ideally brown). For alcohol option and need more rum bright.

The first option (an adult with alcohol) is prepared as follows: into a shaker, pour one part rum, two parts fizzy drink mix. Prior to this, in a tall glass, mix sugar and sliced thin slices of citrus. It is possible to suppress the mortar. Add the mint leaves. Pour in a glass of mixed rum and soda water. Drink alcoholic Mojito is ready!

The second option (child, without alcohol ingredient): mix in a glass of lemon or lime (finely cut) with sugar, with mint leaves. Add ice (if very hot) and Sprite. Insert a straw and serve immediately.

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