How to increase cash flow

A few tips to ensure that you have multiplied the money.

Як збільшити грошовий потік

How to increase cash flow: it’s hard but you need

1. Create positive cash balance – magic rouble, informs Rus.Media.

2. Set a clear goal on what you need the money – select the desire you want to implement in the first place and determine the required amount.

3. Define only one main goal at the moment.

4. Firmly decide to implement a new desire only with additional money that came after setting a new target.

5. Buy exactly what asked for money, don’t be fooled by a monetary egregor.

6. Ask for money as much as you need to buy.

7. Start goal setting from real queries.

8. Make a purchase when the money came on goal + a little more so you don’t have left without a penny.

9. Reaching that goal, set another goal, do not stop there!

10. Stop putting conditions on how and from where should come the money.

11. Raise the level of requests if it has been underestimated, buy all the best.

12. Stop being greedy, if you want to pay you.

13. For a lot of money get a big purse.

14. Be sure to donate part of the profits coming.

15. Stop to give up the money, which go together.

16. Show willingness to perform additional work to increase income.

17. Stop doing for free what you can get money or another service.

18. Raise if they were reduced the prices of their goods and services. Adequately assess your work and your energy.

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