How to avoid fainting in the heat

One of the reasons for fainting in the heat is the lack of glucose in the body.

Як уникнути непритомності у спеку

To doctors treated more and more people who complain of illness, which appeared in connection with abnormal heat. Doctors told how to work properly, not being at the same time on the bed in the clinic, informs Rus.Media.

Of course fainting in the heat is caused not by disease, but a banal heat and stuffiness, lack of fresh air. In a stuffy room in the transport with poor ventilation our brain is lacking oxygen. As a result the person may lose consciousness.

If the weather is hot and stuffy, try without the need not to leave home between 11 to 17 hours.

On the street wear a hat to protect against sunstroke. Leaving the house, grab a bottle of cold water. So that the water remained cool, can put in a bottle a few ice cubes. Water will be the salvation of faint in a stuffy room or in public transport.

Eat Breakfast in the morning. One of the causes of fainting in the heat, including a lack of glucose in the body.

If faint in the heat happened before with you, carry ammonia. As soon as you feel that you may lose consciousness, to smell the cotton wool with ammonia. The sudden feeling of nausea try to quickly sit down (at least on the squat) to unconscious not to fall and not get hurt.

Sensing the approach of fainting in the heat and stuffiness, don’t hesitate to ask for help of other people. For example, ask someone to give you a place if it takes place in a stuffy transport.

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