Hope Meyher dared to experiment with looks

Надежда Мейхер отважилась на эксперимент со внешностью

The singer was surprised with a new hairstyle.

Not so long ago in fashion this season, bangs in a French style decided TV presenter Masha Efrosinina, and now such things agreed and another bright brunette Ukrainian show-business — Nadezhda Meyher, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to WWWoman.

Except that if Mary left the same length of his hair, the singer decided to change radically, cutting hair above the shoulders and making himself a haircut “short Bob”, which is now in the trend.

Shots with a new hairstyle Hope has already shared in his blog, and fans immediately began to actively comment on the changes in her appearance.

Most agreed that the new haircut really suits the singer, however, without criticism, was not. Some of the old style not the fact is liked more. What would you say?

Надежда Мейхер отважилась на эксперимент со внешностью

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