Followers keep retching: this time did Volochkova

Beach attire is “square” Volochkova was horrified Instagram

Фолловеры сдерживают рвотные позывы: что на этот раз учудила Волочкова

No matter how asked Anastasia Volochkova fans to be more modest, the dancer does not hear or does not want to hear their pleas. Another pictures of Volochkova Spa in Cyprus became a real anti-advertising of the resort, and the most followers, according to them, had to hold back gagging.

Ballerina published online some photos. The first subscribers did not find the ballerina, but the second photo gave them food for thought and not only. Volochkova and had laid out in the microblog photographs, it twines have become the “calling card”. Apparently now she’s decided to make a decent shot, but again disgraced themselves on the Internet.

Фолловеры сдерживают рвотные позывы: что на этот раз учудила Волочкова

“Attempt # …” shows Cindy in a lemon yellow beach outfit consisting of a tube top and short skirt. Haters immediately ganged up on the dancer, ridiculing the shortcomings of her figure.

“What a beautiful Grenadier, direct “the charge of the lancers” Umberto Boconi”, – feigned admired one commentator and part-time connoisseur of painting. “Waist not where a skirt to wear,” ejaculated the other. Some began to recommend Anastasia to hire a stylist, because she’s blonde, gorgeous, and in fact, she has something to show. “Well, if You have a square figure, it will learn to hide,” said fashion experts. “Grandma-transformer”, added, their associates, noting in passing that Volochkova mercilessly overdoing with plastic surgery and injections of beauty.

Фолловеры сдерживают рвотные позывы: что на этот раз учудила Волочкова

“No taste, waist and hips are the same, but the outfit is such that the dough climbs out of the underarms and cowards” – summed up the haters. According to them, beach costume “square” Volochkova was horrified by Instagram. Fans of the ballerina tried to stand up for the darling, advising antepartum “do their garden”, but they pulled. “If she throws her charms to the Network, so be prepared for the fact that it will be discussed”, – said the opponents and advised the dancer to hire another photographer.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that Volochkova showed their “mansions”.

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