Fans Buzova disgraced after his “goddess”

It turns out that knowledge of geography most followers of Olga very lame

Фанаты Бузовой опозорились вслед за своей "богиней"

The scandalous Russian singer, TV presenter and more recently entrepreneur Olga Buzova decided to go on vacation. On his page on Instagram, the actress have already posted a lot of different photos, clearly giving to understand that she is now in Venice. Several images appeared even geolocation, but the singer’s fans were as quick-witted as their idol.

Фанаты Бузовой опозорились вслед за своей "богиней"

“Minimum words, maximum meaning …” – tried as it is more logical to sign Buzova beautiful frame on the background of the gondolas and the canal. Fans began to guess where departed Olga. “Spain is probably…”, “Exactly, Spain”, “I know this is Verona!”, “What a beauty, what a wonderful place?” “Peter ?”, “I think it’s Italy… maybe Rome, Maybe Spain? Or Brazil!”, “You Olya in Iran?” – did not stop abstruse speculation.

Фанаты Бузовой опозорились вслед за своей "богиней"


Earlier “Znayu” talked about the fact that Olga Buzova despite a barrage of criticism in his side, never miss the moment to brag figure. So, today, the artist once again showed the followers on Instagram your ass on vacation, casually.

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