Critical condition: the Earth fall tornadoes and squalls

Climatologists predict an increase in risk not only from tornadoes, but in General dangerous convective phenomena, including heavy rains, hail and squalls.

Критичний стан: на Землю обрушуються  смерчі і шквали

Climate scientists analyzed weather data for half a century and warned of a critical increase in the risk of tornadoes and squalls, informs Rus.Media.

This is especially true of the middle band, the black sea coast, South of the Far East.

“This is due to the increase in air temperature, humidity. For tornado is also important twist in the wind.

The most powerful tornadoes occur along with a cold front, the air is twisted and formed a funnel,” said one of the authors of the model forecast tornadoes Alexander Chernokulskiy.

It is noted that if the threat of a tornado meteorological models to determine well, predicting specific impact location is problematic.

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