Causes material losses

The reasons for the fall of energy level, lead to financial losses.

Причини матеріальних втрат

So, let’s list again the reasons for the fall in the energy level, lead to financial losses, informs Rus.Media.

Causes material losses

1. A low level of concentration of human energy, over laziness, lack of discipline, lack of independence, lack of attention to his physical and mental condition.

2. Energy spread, is sent to the past or stops due to the lack of goals in life, longing for the past, the collapse of hopes and expectations.

3. Energy is directed at the wrong space because of the illusory or too restricted view about the world.

4. Fear of material loss, a robbery leads to lower energy level.

5. A disequilibrium: the man took less than gave.

6. A disequilibrium: the man took more than it gave.

7. The need to get rid of old things.

8. The transition to a higher stage of development is accompanied by a material sacrifice.

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