Cars and cognac: Rolls-Royce held an unusual event

Автомобили и коньяк: Rolls-Royce провела необычное мероприятие

The exhibition was organized in the closed British club.

In California, for many years, regularly arranged informal meeting of fans of cars and coffee. Something similar, but only at a higher level decided to hold a Rolls-Royce, according to the with reference to AutoNews.

Instead of coffee was chosen cognac. The most famous British luxury car manufacturer decided that this drink is more suited to people who buy a Rolls-Royce.

What did the visitors of the event “Cars and cognac”? They evaluated the most luxurious cars in the world, tasting different brands of cognac. At this event you can see a luxury sedan Rolls-Royce Phantom is unique to Rolls-Royce Aero Cowling with engine producing 593 HP and other models of this brand.

Event “Cars and cognac” was conducted about two hours drive from London in one of the luxurious old estates Oxfordshire — Soho Farmhouse. This is a club for the elite. Membership is from 1 700 dollars. This event, Rolls-Royce wants to make an annual event.

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