Bilan admitted in the struggle with a serious illness

Билан признался в борьбе с тяжелой болезнью

A few days ago because of illness the singer cancelled the concert.

Dima Bilan announced that took a pause in his career. The popular singer said that will finally be able to devote sufficient time and attention to pneumonia, which can not be cured.

On his official page in social network Instagram Dima Bilan, who recently shaved off his beard, the result of which was to be like the perfect teenager, appealed to many subscribers. The singer announced the break. “well, I have still started on June 11 planned vacation! Do all the things which did not reach the hands and feet! (here and further the spelling and punctuation of the author saved. — Approx.ed.)” — said the artist.

In particular, Bilan has signaled that it will finally be able to come to grips with their health, which in recent years greatly disappoint.

“Safely cure your pneumonia!” — announced Bilan when listing all scheduled vacation cases.

Note that a few days ago because of illness the singer has even cancelled planned in the Latvian Daugavpils the concert.

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