Bentley is preparing a “charged” sporthorse Bentayga

Bentley готовит «заряженную» спортверсию Bentayga

SUV Bentayga firmly entrenched in the segment.

According to head of the design Department of a car brand Bentley Stefan Sielaff, the automaker is preparing to release sportview first ever car companies SUV.

According to a top Manager, autonomica will be equipped with more powerful six-litre motor W12.

With the new power unit the machine is capable to gain the speed to the level of 100 km/h in 4.1 seconds. The maximum speed of the new version of the Bentayga recorded at the level of 301 km/h.

Based on data from the automaker, SUV Bentayga firmly entrenched in the segment. To the delight of fans of more sustainable mobility, the automaker has released a hybrid version of the powertrain with electric motor and petrol “six”.

According to Sieff, discussing the car has a great future in the global market.

Although officially the price of a new car has not yet been announced, it will probably be within the prices of modern car models of car brands are discussing.

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