Apple will complicate the spaclub access iPhone

Apple усложнит спецлужбам доступ к iPhone

Apple promised to protect the phone from a police break-in.

Apple has announced that it will block access to a port that law enforcement uses to infiltrate the iPhone during investigations.

This will give a new impetus to the debate about whether or not tech giants help in investigations, writes the online edition of the with reference for a New time.

Apple announced that the change, which will shut off the Lightning port on the bottom of the iPhone an hour after that users will lock their phones, is part of a software update that will be released in the fall.

This change is designed to better protect private information of iPhone users. For most people who regularly use the device, it will quietly, but the police will be much harder to use the tools retrieve the data that is attached to the Lightning port.

However, according to Apple, this change is not intended to deter law enforcement efforts.

“We are continuously strengthening protection in every Apple product to help customers protect themselves from hackers, identity thieves and intrusions into personal data. We respect law enforcement, and we develop our improvement in the area of security in order to thwart their efforts to perform their duties,” – said in a statement.

The Lightning port is used to charge the iPhone. Charging will continue when the device is in a locked state, but the data transfer will be blocked after an hour. The police sometimes tries to retrieve the content by connecting the device to the ports of the iPhone a few days after their removal from users who are under investigation.

“It can be regarded as a fundamental denial of access to law enforcement, but is a security vulnerability. There is a method by which iPhone can be hacked by law enforcement with the help of special devices. But really there is no reason to think that only law enforcement will have such devices,” said Julian Sanchez, senior fellow at the Cato Institute.

GrayKey tool for hacking the iPhone, which is the development of an independent crime lab GrayShift, estimated at 15 and 30 thousand dollars depending on license type. The device allows you to hack any iPhone regardless of the version of the operating system in minutes.

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