An American friend of the leaders ORDA to embarrass with the name of the Russian Federation

Американский друг главарей ОРДЛО оконфузился с названием РФ

Monson never bothered to learn the name of the country.

MMA fighter Jeff Monson has received a Russian passport if I had the social network, reports the with reference to the Apostrophe.

The oath the Americans would mispronounce the name of the Russian Federation, the pronunciation preserved: “I, Jeffrey William Monson Dubrovno and osoznav take pastaway Trastikovo Federaci”.

“He even on the**th on the name of the country whose citizenship he gets! You think he’s a clown, and clowns for him — it’s all you!” – hard commented on the event in Twitter Uncle Shu. Американский друг главарей ОРДЛО оконфузился с названием РФ

“A country that builds its future – gives citizenship to professionals, engineers and doctors who will be able in the future to make a contribution to the economy, Traded Pavel Durov on this”, “rusk pederasta,” write the people in the comments.

Earlier, Monson visited the occupied territory of Donbass and met with leaders of the terrorist organization DNR.

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