5 ways to spend calories.

Researchers are advised to sit on the floor and walk under dynamic music.

5 способів витратити калорії без спорту

There are several ways to spend more calories without exercise. Here are five “tricks” proven by scientists, informs Rus.Media.

Sleep in the cool

Try to maintain a cool temperature in the room, especially during sleep, and more fresh air. The cold increases the amount of brown fat varieties fatty tissue that consumes energy to heat the body. A study in 2014 showed that in the cool increases energy expenditure, accelerates metabolism and accelerates the utilization of glucose throughout the body. Scientists advise to sleep when the temperature is 19 °C. This, according to them, will also increase the amount of leptin, a hormone that reduces appetite.

Sit on the floor, not on the couch

If you are watching TV on the floor, not on the couch, the more your muscles tense, just to maintain the body in a certain position. Also the energy goes to sit on the floor or stand up from it. In addition to calorie consumption, sitting on the floor improves flexibility, muscle tone and posture. Also on the floor you can read books, play video games, talk on the phone and even dining: forced body motion during meals to improve digestion. Study of Brazilian scientists in 2012 shows that the inability to sit on the floor and stand up from it without using your hands increases the risk of death in the elderly.

Chew the cud

Chewing gum increases energy expenditure of 11 kcal per hour. Moreover, the chewing gum helps to consume fewer calories and feel more energetic, say researchers at Rhode Island University in USA. The researchers suggested that the process of chewing stimulates nerves in the masticatory muscles, which send signals to areas of appetite in the brain associated with the feeling of satiety. At the same time, we must remember that gum is bad for people with stomach problems.

Go under the cheerful music

Research by Italian scientists of 2016 showed that when listening to energetic music faster increases your heart rate.A group of participants, which turned the pedals on a stationary bike to upbeat music, longer supported the faster pace and accelerated. If you often do sports or just walk to upbeat music to work or to the store, so you will move faster and spend more calories.

Gain new knowledge

The resting brain consumes about 420 calories a day and recycles about 60% of the glucose in the body. And during active mental activity calorie intake increases even more. Several British experiments have shown that complex tasks increases the consumption of glucose. Also, scientists have noticed a relationship between glucose levels and accuracy of answers. That is, the more focused a person is, the more energy the brain. To spend more calories, the job should be challenging and interesting. However, you need to understand that simple home exercises will burn more calories than a mathematical problem.

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