Would never have thought of foil as good

With foil,you can solve a lot of chores around the house.

Ніколи б не подумала,що від фольги скільки користі

If you think food foil, can be useful only in the kitchen – you’re wrong. Here is a list of 14 options for the use of foil, which you didn’t guess, informs Rus.Media.

1. Scare birds away

Hang a few thin strips for trees, and the birds stop to feast on your fruits!

Ніколи б не подумала,що від фольги скільки користі

2. Now to iron things will be much faster

Just put a little foil under the thing before her stroke, so you prosuvalisya fabric from two sides.

Ніколи б не подумала,що від фольги скільки користі

3. Best antistatic!

Enough to put a couple balls of foil in the washing machine and about the static electricity can be forgotten.

4. To sharpen scissors

Simply roll the foil several times and cut it blunt scissors, voila!

Ніколи б не подумала,що від фольги скільки користі

5. Move the furniture

A really easy way to move furniture to put foil under the legs.

6. Improved WiFi signal

To boost the signal of your router, take a large piece of foil, fold it over several times and place for antenna, as shown in the photo. The foil will redirect the signal to where you need it.

7. A great way to seal the packages

To seal plastic bag, just wrap the end with a piece of foil.

Walk with a hot iron on the foil – ready!

8. Shapes for desserts

The foil will be the perfect replacement baking pan.

9. White teeth

Ніколи б не подумала,що від фольги скільки користі

Who would have thought that the usual food foil, is able to whiten your teeth. Mix the baking soda with toothpaste. The resulting solution, apply a thin layer on the foil. Apply to teeth and leave for an hour. After that, remove the foil and carefully rinse the mouth.

10. Your celery will stay fresh for a long time

To celery for weeks kept the freshness wrap it with aluminium foil and place in the refrigerator. Unlike plastic packaging, foil does not accumulate ethylene.

11. Removes rust

Water ball of foil and wipe the metal parts to remove rust.

12. Rehabilitate your metal sponge for dishes

Dry washcloth, wrap with foil and place in the freezer.

13. To clean a barbecue – no problem!

After using the grill, remove food residue with a ball of foil. Use tongs to avoid burning yourself!

14. Smartphone

I wonder what smart phone touch screens react to the foil. You can create a pen just twisting a piece of foil into a thin tube.

Thus, food foil, can be useful not only in the kitchen. This is truly a versatile material!

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