“Wolf” winnick decided to return to the forest: photo

Oleg Vinnik showed where he likes to relax most of all

"Волк" Винник решил вернутся в лес: фото

The famous Ukrainian artist, singer of the year according award “Golden Firebird” Oleg Vinnik shared with groupies-wolf new photo in Instagram. This time the artist got to the nature, calling it the best your holiday.

"Волк" Винник решил вернутся в лес: фото

“Best vidpochinok – prirod. Batorego you mood for the whole day!” – wished everyone a good day Vinnik. Beautiful photo immediately drew the attention of many fans: “Oleg, VI best”, “God look at that smile,she’s so kind,gentle,affectionate and suggests that the man reliable and love is all around”, “Primnogo Docenko, Olezh!”, “I udalogo easy, esclavage you dochenku!” – have been getting compliments all the fans of your favorite singer.

"Волк" Винник решил вернутся в лес: фото

Earlier “Znayu” talked about the fact that sports winnick switched to the bike and spoke in rhyme. The stadium with a celebrity is carefully laid out for everyone to see on Instagram.

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