Why need to travel better without loved ones?

On the journey everyone has his own opinion.

Чому подорожувати потрібно краще без коханої чи коханого?

Imagine the scene: a beautiful morning in some distant country. Couple in love sleeps under a white blanket on a huge bed and nothing bothers them except the gentle rays of the sun filtering through the curtains. In the meantime, informs Rus.Media.

“Good morning, darling! Come on, Wake up! If we leave in 10 minutes, you have time before the exhibition closes, so there’s time before lunch — will be able to drive to the Museum on the other side of town or walking tour around the center, huh? Are you still asleep?!”

A man stands in the middle of the room, choosing one of two shirts, full of energy, and a sleepy woman watching him, trying to understand why she woke up to leave at 7 am.

This is a very clear example of the completely different tourist people. The same goes for me with my boyfriend.

I love him very much, he is a wonderful man and we have a wonderful relationship. But for me, weekends and vacation is a sacred time to do nothing. Sleep all you want, eat all you want, lie around in bed/hammock/sun lounger. When-ever, you can swim in the pool — and then to consider whether wasting time and energy on these 10 meters away from the lounger to the water.

My boyfriend prefers the active rest. He gets up early, buying all the guides to tourist attractions and is afraid to miss something.

We’re perfect for each other in matters of the heart, but from completely different planets with regard to the rest.

That’s why I was surprised by the recent sociological research in the UK, where 66% said that prefer to travel with their partners. Excuse me, what? Who are all these people?

I would understand if I was like that. But almost every woman I know, a similar problem: the roles sometimes change, but the meaning remains the same — people in relationships are very often completely different preferences in travel. One wants to proceed the whole city far and wide, the other wants to sit in cafes and do something to get out of one bus tour around the city.

Two years ago I found the perfect solution to our very different expectations from a holiday: we spend it with other people. I found friends with whom we quickly agreed that we weren’t going to leave the room at 11 am and will not go to bed before midnight, and anyway, if someone wants just to sleep for God’s sake. And we had a perfect holiday: sleep, relaxation, food, drink. It was not a scout camp or quest on someone else’s city. All as I need.

Over time, having enjoyed not only a beautiful vacation, I realized that there is no need to be ashamed — it’s natural to spend holidays with their partner. The sooner you will cease to suffer, to fight and to try to find a compromise in how you want to spend your vacation, the easier it will be to enjoy the time together.

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