When I learned this, I stopped eating bread, shrimp, ice cream and other Goodies

10 foods that are better to avoid.

Коли я дізнався про це, я перестав їсти хліб, креветки, морозиво та інші смаколики

A healthy lifestyle is now in fashion, and many of us have not eaten in McDonald’s and not buying chips, chocolate bars and soda. However, familiar products can have a negative impact on your health. Be careful!

Ice cream

In hot weather I always want ice cream. But experts from the University of Georgia found that the emulsifiers are often added to ice cream can cause colon cancer. Also emulsifiers and thickeners used in the composition of ice cream, often lead to childhood obesity. It is better to refrain from buying ice cream at the supermarket, and cook it at home, informs Rus.Media.

Hard cheeses

Often for the packaging of cheese use plastic. Will not be opening that plastic is harmful to health. To be safe, better to cut a layer of cheese that is close to the packaging.

Soft cheeses

The danger lies in soft cheeses. We must remember that the use of soft varieties of cheese should be limited to 50 grams, otherwise you can get problems with the stomach through the fungus contained in the cheese. In some cases it is better just to abandon the consumption of soft cheese.


Always pay attention to the expiration date of the product. The first thing that should alert you is a longer shelf life. Most biscuits can be stored up to 5 months, and use of such a product will not. Large doses of fat and preservatives is definitely not to be useful for your body.


Doctors recommend not to buy the yogurt, because they have a whole set of harmful substances: thickeners, preservatives, flavorings, and sugar. Regular consumption of store-bought yogurt may lead to obesity, diabetes, heart attack and stroke. It is better to prepare yogurt at home.

Sausages and sausage

It is proved that the sausages only 10-15% meat, the rest is colorants, preservatives, flavor enhancers. The presence of so many harmful substances is extremely dangerous for adults, not to mention the children. Alternatively, suggest to buy home-grown meat and prepare meat delicacies.


It is proven that shrimps can “absorb” water from heavy metals. If you eat them too often in the blood increases cholesterol, which can cause the formation of kidney stones. So indulge in a shrimp only on holidays and eat them with lots of vegetables, which removes cholesterol from the body.


Unfortunately, in the modern bread of nutrients is almost gone because of technology making it. To protect yourself from the harmful effects of bread, buy only organic bread with clear indication of ingredients or bake it yourself.

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