“Wake up, repulsed!”: offended trump responded harshly to criticism of Robert De Niro

"Очнись, отбитый!": обиженный Трамп жестко ответил на критику Роберта Де Ниро

The US President Donald trump could not restrain his emotions and has published “otvetochku” Robert De Niro on Twitter.

Passions run high! Recently the whole world was discussing the news that the legendary Oscar-winning actor Robert De Niro twice swore at Donald trump during the ceremony, the main theatrical award of the US Tony Awards 2018. And today, June 13, netizens discuss a rather sharp “otvetochku” the President of America, which he posted on his official page in Twitter.

"Очнись, отбитый!": обиженный Трамп жестко ответил на критику Роберта Де Ниро

Donald trump / Photo: social networks

So, the US President Donald trump, resentful and angry by the words of Robert De Niro, called the actor a “person with a low IQ” and rudely asked him to reduce the temperature and to monitor their statements. “Robert de Niro, a character with a rather low IQ, has missed a lot of blows to the head from the real boxers in the movie.

I watched his speech last night and really believe that he “floated”. I don’t think he understands that the economy is in the best condition, which has ever been, employment at the highest level, and many companies are again investing in our country. Wake up, repulsed!” — written by Donald trump on his official page in Twitter.

Followers of Donald trump threw in the comments under the post a real war. Some people supported Robert De Niro and noted that to call him a man with low intelligence does not. The other part of the audience sided with the US President.

“Really has a low IQ. He proved it when he stood on stage and uttered the words: “f*ck Trump”. That’s all he could come up with! His whole life written script,” “How low intelligence? This man has 2 Oscars. He’s a legend. What won the trump?!”, “Presidential elections, for example. Including the brain,” wrote netizens.

And whose side are you on?

"Очнись, отбитый!": обиженный Трамп жестко ответил на критику Роберта Де Ниро

Robert De Niro / Photo: social networks

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Watch the video as Robert De Niro twice swore at Donald trump live at the ceremony of awarding the theatre award Tony Awards 2018:

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