‘ve been hiding so long?! Gregory Reshetnik stunned fans with the news of the birth of a child

Так долго скрывал?! Григорий Решетник ошарашил фанов новостью о рождении ребенка

The show’s host Bachelor 8 (STB) Gregory Reshetnik showed fans a photo of the newborn baby. Mi-mi-mi!

On his official page in Instagram , the Ukrainian TV host Gregory Reshetnik has published photos, which depicted the handle a newborn baby. The post generated lots of buzz among his fans. The signature under a photo placed all points over “I”. Is 34-year-old showman whole 9 months she hid the pregnancy of the wife?

Так долго скрывал?! Григорий Решетник ошарашил фанов новостью о рождении ребенка

Photo from Instagram Grigoriy Reshetnik

“Guys, today is my favorite native sister Kate Kopytina gave her husband a son, me nephew, and our parents 4th grandchild,” wrote Gregory Reshetnik in the comments under the photo of the newborn baby.

Instagram-followers of his microblog TV presenter literally congratulations, wishes of health and happiness baby. Many were surprised that the family of Gregory Reshetnik was born again boy: “How cute, congratulations! Health baby, to the delight of all relatives and friends!”, “Tanna the all Your Rodin. Let them srota spraving the world Volodar”, “How many boys! Now imagine how they all want a girl!”, “Oh, boy! Congratulations! Let it grow healthy, loved and the happiest boy you all for the joy!”.

Так долго скрывал?! Григорий Решетник ошарашил фанов новостью о рождении ребенка

Gregory Reshetnik

We will remind, not so long ago, March 1, a popular Ukrainian TV host Gregory Reshetnik first showed his son. Male published online archival family photos with newborn son who is now 11 months old. The fans were delighted with pictures and left lots of admiring comments under them. More details and photos can be found in the material on pages Clutch.

Watch the video, in which Gregory Reshetnik revealed the secrets Born of Anusi and spoke about the scandals in the project:


Gregory Reshetnik — Ukrainian TV presenter, producer, speaker, entertainer and public figure — was born in Nikolaev (Ukraine) October 17, 1983. In his professional knowledge, there are dozens of television projects. Namely, conducting programs Incredible truth about the stars, the show the Bachelor, a post-show How to marry on TV channel STB; brand voice channels inter, 1+1, 2+2 and the radio station Nashe Radio; speaker of projects and programs dancing with the stars on channel 1+1, Dolchevita, Faina Ukraina, Romania on the New channel; at gunpoint, a Miracle People, СТОП10 on the channel ICTV; A parallel world, Mosfilm. Unknown version, In search of truth, My truth, show the Bachelor, save our family, she zvazheni schaslivi, Masterchef, the Incredible truth about the stars.

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